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The atmosphere of undisputed relaxation. A place of silence and serenity.

Experience our Best Western Hotel Kranjska Gora Spa providing a truly refreshment and relaxation weekends to rediscover your senses.

You’ll be favorably impressed by our huge and full of lights indoor swimming pool area with comfortable 30 degrees and have a variety of massage jets.

Come and discover the mesmerising world of treatments and therapies:

 -  Jacuzzi                                      -  Beauty care
 -  Turkish and Finnish saunas         -  Body and face treatments
 -  Massage salon                            -  Hands and feet treatments
 -  Fitness center

Our wellness center is dedicated to feel you healthier and look better and provide you a possibility to try our tennis courts.

Get away from the daily routine and feel the tranquility of rejuvenation from head to toe at Kranjska Gora Resort!

Cenik / Price list

Tajska masaža 30 Min 29,- €
Traditional Thai Massage 50 Min 45,- €
  80 Min 64,- €
Tajska masaža s toplimi zelišči in aromatičnimi oliji 90 Min 79,- €
Thai Massage With Warm Herbs and Aromatic Oils 120 Min 109,- €
Masaža s toplim kokosovim oljem 80 Min 68,- €
Massage With Warm Coconut Oil    
Havajska masaža z oljem 50 Min 59,- €
Hawaiian massage     
Masaža hrbta s toplim aromatičnim oljem 30 Min 35,- €
Back Massage With Warm Aromatic Oil    
Masaža hrbta s toplim zelišči aromatičnim olji 30 Min 39,- €
Back Massage With Warm Herbs And Aromatic Oil    
Športna masaža 30 Min 35,-€
Sport - Massage 50 Min 45,- €
  80 Min 65,- €
Thai Massage for mothers-to-be 50 Min 49,- €
Relaxing massage with wood 60 Min 53,- €
Masaža stopal 35 Min 35,-€
Anti-Stress Massage of feet 50 Min 47,- €
  70 Min 59,- €
Ant-Stres glava in ramena 45 Min 45,- €
Anti-Stress head and shoulders    
Masaža obraza 30 Min 30,- €
Face Massage 45 Min 40,- €
  60 Min 50,- €
Masaža z vričimi kamni 90 Min 85,-€
Hot-Stone-Massage 120 Min 109,-€
Peeling telesa 20 Min 23,- €
Body peeling    
Peeling telesa in masaža z mlekom,z medom 60Min 59,- €
Body peeling and massage with milk , with honey    
Anti-Stress roke in masaža stopal 50 Min 45,- €
Anti-Stress Hand and Foot massage    
NUAD THAI WAN DEE 60 Min 53,- €
(Traditional Thai Massage with oil) 80 Min 69,- €
  120 Min 119,- €

TRADITIONAL THAI THERAPY - NUAD THAI BO RARN is more than 2500 years old

It combines Chinese acupressure,reflexilogy and Indian yoga. All these traditional techniques are also accompanied by the body treatment - stretching, kneading and therapeutic pressure. The aim is to improve flexibility,relieve tension and pain.

Thai Massage with warm Herbs and Aromatic Oils

This is a regeneration massage that helps to improve blood circulation, it alleviates joint problems, and it helps to maintain vitality. it is especially recommended for muscle and tissue pains.

Thai Massage with relaxing coconut Oils

This style of Thai massage is perfect for those,who are in favour of light massage styles or have no experience with Thai massages yet. Your masseur will rub you gently with our finest massage oils. Our delightful oils will spoil all your senses. Your skin will be soft and your mind will be relaxed.. All this while your masseur will be kneading your whole body. Your muscles will feel more energetic. WE are recommending this massageto you on a weekly basis to nullify all impacts of your stresssful life.

Thai Foot and Hand Massage

Both, the massage of the reflex zones on the feet and the massage of the reflex zones on the hands.restore the harmony of the body energies and functions.
Working time:
On Monday 11:00 - 21:00
Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 - 21:00
Tel.: +386 70 441 151 (Phongsri)

Best Western Hotel Kranjska Gora
Vršiška cesta 38
4280 Kranjska Gora / Slowenia

Tel. +386 4 588 15 20
Fax. +386 (0)45881343